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About Us


In 1932, Yousuf Mahmood Hussain (YMH WLL) began its stint as a Healthcare distributor in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We have been associated with several of the top 100 global healthcare leaders for various projects and our primary divisions are Medical equipment, Surgical equipment, Pharmaceuticals and Consumer goods.

In 2007, the company ventured into the Healthcare Infratech (IT) space and formed the new firm – YMH-IT Solutions WLL. Starting off with Integration, DICOM PACS and RIS solutions, YMH-IT is growing into a leading provider of “Intelligent Hospital Infratech and Infrastructure Solutions”. We have been involved with premier hospitals of the country for solution design and implementation of highest quality turnkey projects. YMH-IT places high importance on Funnel Management and conducts periodic market analytic activities – the results of which are used to plan various strategies of offering the latest and competitive design to suit customer requirements. Our portfolio focusses on:

Our Services

  • Clinical Workflow
  • Medication
  • Medical Supply
  • Hospital Linen
  • Warehouse
  • Integration Engine - Middleware Solutions
  • System Laboratory-Complete Build + Modular Design + Lab Furniture
  • Modular Solutions for Critical areas of Hospital
  • Oxygen Gas Plant Design and Build
  • Waste Management System Design
  • Pneumatic Tube System(PTS) & Automated Guided Vehicle(AGV)
  • Nurse Call Systems
  • Building Information Modelling
  • Furniture, Fixture, Lights and Carpets
  • Laundry & Kitchen Equipment
  • Displays & IT Hardware
  • Infection Control
  • Linen
  • Mobile/Portable imaging systems